Mount Snowdon - Wales & Hiking Photography

I am going to start this by saying Snowdon is incredible, what a Hike.

Me and two Friends Chloe Dale (Hair Dresser) and Dan Thomas (DT Engine Solutions) decided we were going to climb Snowdon in the Snowdonia national Park, the Highest Peak in Wales UK. Parking at Llyn Padarn we used the Llanberis Path to the Summit in Total 14.7km up and down (9.5miles) gaining 980Mtrs.

The weather wasn't very stable, started off windy and overcast with minor flourishes of rain, at the summit were we engulfed in cloud, in iced conditions and 50-60mph winds, but it didn't matter as the achievement felt incredible.

As for Photography, I didn't do much whatsoever mainly due to concentrating on getting up but I did have my trusty GoPro at hand videos it, so look out for that coming this week on YouTube.

As for hiking in general, it is so good for your mental health as well of course as our health and fitness, you don't have to do anything too dramatic either, a walk round a small lake or a local wood is enough to inhale some clean air and take in the sites of nature.

Photography also helps to get you outside, to get that landscape, animal, street, weather, whatever interests you.

Hikes we have completed so far 2022:

The Great Ridge Walk - Peak District

Derwent Valley and Bamford Edge - Peak District

The Roaches - Peak District

Snowdon - Snowdonia

What's Next: This is where you come in? let us know where you like to go and why.

We hope to climb Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis this year completing the three peaks of the UK.

Keep watch of both Youtube Channels for more or just find the Youtube section at the top of the page, Like Subscribe and we thank you very much.

See you Soon.

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